Elsberry Health Care Center provides a range of re-motivational activates and crafts, along with special events for the residents and their families to participate as desired. Elsberry Health Care Center also has a daily activity plan and encourages each resident to participate as desired. This plan is developed with input from the residents themselves.

Activities currently include:

  • Jackpot
  • Bingo
  • Residents Birthday Celebrations
  • Daily Morning Coffee and Socializing
  • Newspaper Reading
  • Week Day Daily Devotions
  • Indoor & Outdoor Exercise
  • Televised Cardinal Ball Games
  • Saturday Afternoon Movies
  • Holiday Parties with Families
  • Various Board Games, Card Games & Puzzles
  • Various Crafts
  • Various Denominational Church Services

Elsberry Health Care Center is always open to new suggestions for activities and crafts, along with special events from the residents and their families.